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Dr. Perwez

Physician & Cardiologist


In the field of intelligence merit and hard work, the district of East Champaran has produced a numbers of great men and women, genius personalities, who have recalled in their field and done a great job.

In Adapur block of this district and a great and famous Physician & Cardiologist, Dr. Perwez is also among of those legendaries. Dr.Perwez, who has got his name Ingrained with the names of great personalities of Champaran by securing more than three dozen awards, is of the view that honesty in one's profession and dedication to one's aim should be given the top priority. Dr. Perwez is one of most respective and experienced Cardiologist in Bihar. In addition, one should have better relationship with each sector and community of the society.

These role models, for giving a direction to his life are famous educationist, Sir Sayyad Ahmad Khan and Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad for him, the Aligarh Muslim University has been that Dr. Perwez has been a student of this prestigious University.

Dr. Perwez Aziz is a renowned Cardiologist and Physician. At present, Dr. Perwez Aziz is the Chairman minority forum, Bihar M. J. educational forum, M. J. Buildcon Pvt ltd, New Delhi, Managing Director M. J. Heart Hospital is a 100 bed hospital and multi super-specialty hospital located at Motihari, Bihar, which matches the highest standards of healthcare delivery across and at an affordable cost. Founded by Dr. A. Rahman which also includes a research centre.

Since his student period, Dr. Perwez has been fighting, continuously against the various social evils particularly the illiteracy, In this changing environment with an aim to spread awareness in the society, Dr.Perwez has taken a pledge to impart letter education institutes. (i) A medical college at Birganj in Nepal as National Medical College. (ii) Dr. Rahman Model Academy and Noorulnesha Girls High School in Motihari at Birganj become famous and Dr. Perwez was rewarded for his great efforts.

Vision and Mission

Dr. Perwez always keeps an eye on every important matter whether it relates to social sectors or political developments. This is one of the secrets of his success. Dr. Perwez has received many prestigious awards, including the Pride of India Award by Dr. A. R. Kidwai( Governor of Haryana) and Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award by Shri Syed Sibte Razi Governor of Jharkhand. I would like to give a few glimpses of awards and regards, which have been bestowed upon him by a variety of social & educational organizations and Government and non government institutes.

Even after accomplishing such a great task, Dr. Perwez is not ready to sit idle and take a little rest. They reason is quite evident, to fulfil his dream of bringing the people of all religious and castes on one platform and to spread the light of education to every nook and corner of the country. To fulfill this dream is difficult but not impossible.

The great Ghandhiji, Pt. Rajkumar Shukla, Shekh Gulab had started their struggle for India's Independence from this pious land of Champaran and compelled the English to leave India. These people had also faced a lot of hurdles and experienced numerous problems but succeeded at east.

Besides his clinical work Dr. Perwez has the ability to conduct seminars on training, research and education. He has attended many big Conference all over the world to gain more knowledge to spread and use for the beneficial of our country.

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